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Jason Burr

Jason S. Burr

Managing Director

Mr. Burr joined Arbor Partners in 1997. During his time with Arbor Partners, the company launched two venture funds, the first of which has returned nearly five times the invested capital.

In 1999, Mr. Burr co-founded, an Internet company providing complete coverage of the mutual fund industry, including hundreds of funds not available on any other site. With venture capital investments from EDF Ventures, North Coast Technology Partners, and Arbor Partners, MAXfunds has emerged as a pioneer in the analysis of synthetic funds. In 2000, Mr. Burr joined the executive team as president and CFO.

Prior to his graduate studies, Mr. Burr was the Business Manager for Intermagic, Inc., an entertainment software developer in Santa Fe, New Mexico that produced a range of entertainment and educational titles. He has also consulted for Praxis Entertainment on multimedia productions and for Georgia Crown Distributors on information technology and systems selection.

Mr. Burr currently serves as a Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, as well as Chairman of its legislative committee. During his leadership of this committee, Mr. Burr worked closely with the Governor’s administration, state legislature, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation to craft and promote the Michigan Early Stage Investment Act, which was signed into law in January 2004.

Mr. Burr completed his MBA at the University of Georgia, where he was a University Assistantship Award winner and graduated valedictorian of his class. His areas of concentration were entrepreneurship and corporate finance. He graduated cum laude with a BA degree from Duke University in 1993.

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